Zapper Quantum 3 in 1 UL-700


Zapper Quantum 3 in  1 UL-700 is an indispensable tool for his health and that of his family. It comes to support overall and immune health.


Zapper Quantum 3 in 1 UL-700

Zapper Quantum 3 in 1 is an essential 3 in 1 tool for our health and that of our family The Silver Quantum Zapper Generation 2145 includes a zapper, a set to make colloidal silver and an amplifier

1- Colloidal  Water  The link between Colloids and the effects Colloids come to help extract heavy metals and toxins from our cells, and, at the same time, deposit the mineral or trace element they contain, all this helps to reactivate cell functions and thus strengthen the immune system.

A general remineralization can allow the body to maintain all its preventive functions and keep our body healthy.


  • fewer food allergies
  • better joint health by reducing pain
  • helps the digestive system
  • helps pigment spots
  • helps circulatory problems
  • comes to work facial rejuvenation
  • helps acne-prone skin
  • an improvement in the general physical condition of the body
  • helps kidney stones


Usage: 20-30min is enough to make 200-250ML water per day to consume


  • Helps the immune system
  • Reduces yeasts that are too present
  • Reduces mucus production
  • Helps inflammatory type pain
  • Weakens parasitic micro-organisms.
  • Stabilizes sugar cravings
  • Reduces viruses, germs etc.
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar


it serves as an amplifier for the pro therapeutic series, it amplifies the telluric vibrations of the bio-frontons of the earth, the Taurus belt of the earth, and the chi-prana.

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