Super warrior pendant


Perfect to protect you wherever you go, the Super Warrior Pendant is always there for Corsican energy situations


Super warrior pendant

Super warrior pendant limited edition Warrior of Light. This necklace protects against negative energies.

Made with a powerful neodymium magnet and 8 Himalayan crystals and red ruby, garnet and super strong stone and Quantum equalizer push. Protects 15 feet

Pendant & necklace SUPER WARRIOR, has 8 Himalayan crystals from Orgo-Life®, Protection, Energy and harmonization + (with Ruby and Charoite stone)
• Ultimate protection within 15-17 feet of toxic waves and bad intentions.
• Energy and harmonization.
• Genuine red ruby ​​stone
• Genuine Charoite Stone
• The most powerful pendant necklace in the world in its category
• With its unique technology: Orgo-Life quantum push technology

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True red ruby

The strong metaphysical properties and striking appearance of this stone imply vitality and energy. This stone is believed to make its wearer more focused, active, alert and aware of their surroundings. In addition, it is claimed that a ruby ​​can improve blood circulation and help people who have vision problems. From a Feng Shui point of view, he is the energetic flame that will ignite you.


Purple Charoite stone

The cart is a great spiritual energy. This powerful purple gemstone can cleanse your upper chakras by clearing blockages from the heart chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra as well. By clearing the aura and opening our upper chakras, places us in the perfect place to receive uplifting positive energies. Even beyond open-hearted love, third-eye wisdom, and universal crown connection, Charoite also helps us tune into a higher frequency that can expand our consciousness and even awaken within us. . the desire to serve the whole world. Charoite connects us to individuals, dualities and Mother Gaia.
The SUPER WARRIOR Orgo-Life® Pendant with 8 Himalayan Crystals was designed to make a whole new place in your life for energy, drive as well as motivation and the will to action. This powerful tool brings vigor into your life, it will protect you from negative intentions and toxic vibes within 15-17 feet of you. It brings you back to basics and allows you to find your own motivation, making it an indispensable instrument for all beings who have a lot to accomplish, a great project, for those who are on a diet, for sportsmen, for those who often lack energy.


Orgo-Life® SUPER WARRIOR pendant


8 Himalayan crystals + contains all the same elements and properties as the basic Orgo-life® pendant (Amethysts, Quartz and much more…), in addition to being added by particular components that protect you in very negative situations, which is why it is called the SUPER WARRIOR (Warrior) necklace, in addition it invigorates the body and mind.



  • Ideal for increasing self-motivation and setting realistic goals
  • Ideal for developing correct visualization and intuitive perception, it stimulates the pineal gland
  • It helps develop a positive state of being, and brings the courage needed to achieve our life goals
  • Increase your vital energy, oxygenate your cells, which has the effect of increasing your mental abilities
  • improving your circulation, your concentration and your efficiency in your occupations.
  • It is a unique and competent tool to obtain and maintain an overflowing energy by toning your body, without stressing it or weakening it. Therefore
  • property of restoring and supporting the ideal frequency of your general state, for a healthy mind in a healthy body
  •  allows more efficient energy circulation of the meridians of your body
  • This makes it an ideal tool for people who are energetically and physically weakened
  • immunity increased, thus regaining their full life potential

Ideal for electro-sensitive people, this tool has been tested to give you protection against radio frequency, microwave, harmful electromagnetic fields, cellular antennas, computers, television, neon lights, compact fluorescent bulbs, negative or gone… as well as all possible interference in your personal electromagnetic field.

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How the Orgo-Life® WARRIOR pendant works:

We use a special resin to attract all the electrons (+ and -) as well as the positive ions (the bad ions) which will be transmuted into negative ions (the good ions) inside the SUPER WARRIOR Orgo-Life® pendant. What we want is for all the negative electromagnetic fields and all the positive ions (stressful frequency for the body) that surround you, to penetrate the pendant instead of entering your personal field as well as your body. Less stress, less weakening, your body will be stronger and develop more bio-available energy. And your DNA chain will be less affected.
Once near the pendant, the positive ions (the bad ones) are drawn inside the double copper spiral in order to circulate through a circuit of precious and semi-precious stones selected and your amplifier of Himalayan crystals, of there, this nefarious energy is transformed into a whole new frequency, amplified by carefully chosen and measured crystals. Once amplified, this 15Hz – 5000Hz frequency emanates and emanates from your pendant allowing us to gradually become that same vibrational frequency, the Earth frequency. When the body starts to go out of balance and feels sick it vibrates at less than 100 Hz, imagine what it would be like to vibrate at an ideal speed of 5000 Hz. Orgo-Life® WARRIOR Pendant users have noticed positive effects such as: much more energy to carry out your daily activities, more endurance in the face of sustained efforts, better immune defense, etc.


Orgo-Life Quantum Push Technology:

With the use of a very unique technology with Orgo-Life The Quantum Push Technology, comes to emanate and propel the energy fields in an ultra fast and effective way. Take for example a glass of water, place it on your SUPER WARRIOR pendant, in less than 10 seconds it will be almost fully charged, you will taste the difference. And the same with 72% dark chocolate. It’s so powerful that you can even sleep with it under your pillow at night.



Ideal for coping well with difficult situations and remaining well balanced while harmonizing your energies from all
your body :

you are about to experience brand new technology from the quantum physics department of universal life force energy, in direct harmony with Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Here are the instructions for wearing your pendant and getting the best possible results!

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We recommend that you wear your Orgo-Life® pendant continuously for an extended period of at least 40 days. Note that some people (a minority) may feel a period of resistance. You may have to go through a 10-day adjustment period where your physical or psychological symptoms will be amplified, or you may experience too much energy, if this is the case, continue to use your pendant. When the period of resistance is over, you will benefit greatly. This is completely normal since your pendant brings you back to an ideal frequency that a part of you may be resisting…don’t worry, you will get the expected results.



Perfect to protect you wherever you go, the Super Warrior Pendant is always there for Corsican energy situations
negative….This is the most popular of our small parts. Energy is often low in public places and if you are extra-sensitive (whether you realize it or not) this can result in anxiety or irritability, but rest assured you can now stay grounded, and even keep energy vampires at a distance! It is made for places where negative energies can invade you. Our Orgo-Life Super Warrior Pendant absorbs any imbalanced negative energy that may be in, or enter your space and transform it into balanced positive energy, returning it to the environment. Also helps other living beings to grow in good energy balance.



The Orgo-Life Super Warrior Pendant protects from your emitting devices like mobile phone, Wi-Fi routers, computer, network towers, other electrical devices, etc.

Here are the choices of Models according to the availability of the day, always validate with Orfée because we are suffering the effects of this pandemic with our suppliers this can affect our production and choice of model

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  • More than 7 different stones inside for extraordinary benefits;
  • Semi-precious stones; Tiger eye, Amethyst, Garnet, Jet stones, Himalayan Quartz, Black Tourmaline, neodymium magnets, with 2 copper coils (top and base), Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Copper Brass and Aluminum Metal , gold leaf, Ruby Red.



  • Weight: 45-55 grams approximately (1.58 ounces)
  • Dimensions: 55mm top x 59mm Base x 12mm H. approx.
  • Model: UL-3440
  • Adjustable: Length 60-68 cm
  • Technology: Passive
  • Packaging: 1 x jewelry box
  • Warrnty: 25 years
  • Bar code: 600291593740

Comes with instructions in FR/EN and warranty certificate. Keep your Orfée receipt