Super Deluxe Round Tablet 9 Crystals


Super Deluxe Geo-Quantum tablet round shape 9 crystals made of sacred geometry helps protect against electromagnetic waves and 5G, eat with high vibration, raise consciousness, restore energy gain and recover faster, help to sleep better and more.


Super Deluxe Round Tablet 9 Crystals

The Super Deluxe 9 Crystal Round Tablet is protection for you and your family for years to come. Most powerful tablet in the world. 8 5/8 inches One unit per house will keep your family healthy and protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves and harmful foods like GMOs and irradiated food. Each unit is handmade, in a sacred ceremony (process to harmonize with the universal energies of life). Each Energy Life Tablet is unique.

Orgo-life Quantum Equalizer Technology

It is the science of resonance, of stone that vibrates at a higher level and is encoded in a particular way to emanate resonant information (ideal frequency of 15,000 hertz) with what is nearby. It will work where there is an imbalance. The design of these modules is made of several materials depending on the model chosen: Black Tourmaline from Sri Lanka, Shunghite from Russia, Smoky Quartz from Brazil, Malachite from Russia, Jet from Great Britain, Iron Oxide Crystals from Kuruman , 9 large Himalayan Quartz around a total of 400-475 gr. , black obsidian, garnet, lapis lazuli, amethyst, hematite, tiger eye, selenite, rose quartz, rose des sables, peridot, aluminium, copper, 24K gold particles, ferrous metals. All this creates a very powerful protective shield against negative waves, 5G and other radiation. Unique active and exclusive technology of ORGO-LIFE®, amplifier and emanations of vibrations, waves and Chi Prana (energy Universal)

Difference between Orgonite and ORGO-LIFE

Orgonite is unidirectional which means it attracts negative orgone towards it. In addition, for Orgone to be effective (transforming orgone) it must contain major components that are often set aside by most manufacturers. The fact that it is unidirectional makes it not a good tool to have near humans but rather near computers or outside. Orgo-life 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer is four directional so the orgone will be in the 4 directions. Receive and transmute all very high or very low frequencies, negative orgones, EMF and redistribute a beneficial measurable high frequency in a periphery that depends on each product. This circulation takes place on one side and on the other, so it becomes an essential tool for humans and all living organisms. Compose of a perfect ratio of the 3 metals copper, gold and silver based on the works of the pyramids of Egypt. You have in your hands a health tool that has the potential to reverse negative influences and effects on animals, plants and on you. Each unit is handcrafted, balanced and measured.

It is designed to propel all harmful frequencies within so that they can be sent and energized directly through the circuit of pre-selected crystals (precious and semi-precious stones). Each crystal or stone will send precise information to the food, body, plant etc. that is nearby. This aims to reharmonize and rebalance so that each living organism obtains optimal performance.

All products are made to transmute and reintegrate the energy of all humans, plants and living organisms with a healthy vibrational frequency, the frequency of the Universal Life Force.

Amplifier of vibration waves x 1000 when turned on (red light flashes). The tablet can be used in passive mode by unplugging the amplifier, especially at night if active mode is not tolerated.

The vortex field that the device will make grows within 1 week, it transmutes the electromagnetic fields, which gives as the very beneficial effect of neutralization, you will be less invaded by an order of 80%

Super Deluxe rode tablet is one of the most powerful tablets in the world, it produces energy radiation in a vortex the 1st week and then it increases its emanations in the vibrational rate of radiation after 1 month in the same place.

tablette ronde 9 cristaux

Negative effects of waves on health

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Exhaustion of the nervous system
  • fatigue
  • Cancer Concentration difficulties



  • Energizes food, water, etc. with a high vibrational rate in approximately 8 minutes
  • Restore vitality, vibrational frequency lost with transport, picking, etc.
  • Removes the effect of GMOs
  • Enhance the taste quality of food



  • Sleep peacefully and faster
  • Restore energy to get through your days and recover more quickly
  • reduces chronic fatigue
  • Protects entities at night
  • Place under the pillow Place under the bed at the level of the navel (emotional center)



  • Raising Consciousness
  • Amplify the Power of Manifestation EMF protection and 5g, 4g, 3g, microwave
  • Energy shield against negative waves Protection for the whole family
  • Clarifies ideas and impeccable focus
  • increased concentration Load your bills to pay
  • cashier’s check Charge Crystals or Sacred Items
  • Recover more quickly from conflicts
  • discomfort Balancing Emotions
  • Increase your vibratory rate
  • Manage stress better and improve mood
  • Increase immune and endocrine system functions
  • Strengthen the body’s natural protective field that helps immunity Improve circulation,
  • reduce inflammation, better oxygenation of cells Delay the aging process, increase body vitality
  • Increase nutrition, cell detox, protect DNA from environmental harm
  • Help to focus, perseverance,
  • will Optimize the Feng Shui of the place
  • More energy from Chi Prana



  • in massage place the tablet under the table
  • use in the back when sitting (back pain)
  • Place the client’s feet without shoes on the tablet during a treatment
  • standing feet without shoes
  • put the tablet right side up directly on your stomach (stomach pain)




Super Deluxe Round Tablet 9 Crystals

  • More than 1 pound of Himalayan crystals (weight 400 to 475 grams) 9 large Himalayan crystals, high vibrations)
  • with power transformer Orgo-Life® technology and over 26 semi-precious stones.
  • Bright LED indicator that flashes or does not flash to indicate that it is in active mode Exclusive Orgo-Life® “ACTIVE” AMPLIFICATION TECHNOLOGY


tablette ronde 9 cristaux

Technical specifications :
Super Deluxe Round Tablet 9 Crystals

  • Weight: approximately 2.8 to 3.1 kg (6.1 to 6.5 lb)
  • Dimension: 22.2 x 22.2 X 3.5 cm high (8 5/8 x 8 5/8 X 1 ½ inches high)
  • Model: UL-3525
  • Technology: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE with 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer technology without plugging in passive mode
  • Transformer: Our amplifier generator operates on 110 volts or 220 volts (Europe and others)
  • Contents: 1 Geo-Quantum Super Family Booster round table (9 Himalayan Crystals), 1 x transformer, 1 instruction booklet, warranty and conformity certificates.
  • Warranty: 25 years BARCODE: 600291593856 Delivered with instructions in FR/EN and warranty certificate
  • Please keep your Orfée invoice for your warranty