Super Chef Square Tablet 6″ inches 7 crystals



Super Chef Square Tablet 6″ inches 7 crystals

Super Chef Square 6″ inch square tablet 7 crystals is perfect size to start

super chet tablet 6 inches 7 crystal

Strong points

  • Nearly ½ pound of Himalayan crystals (165-200 gram weight) i.e.
  • 7 medium sized Himalayan crystals, high vibration)
  • with Orgo-Life® TECHNOLOGY Power Transformer
  • more than 22 semi-precious stones
  • Bright LED indicator that flashes or does not flash to indicate it is in active mode

Energy tablet of the most powerful in the world

Great for Manifesting, Empowering, Attunement, Raising Your Consciousness, and Ultimate Power:

  • Active allows to multiply x 1000 times the power
  • Bright LED indicator that flashes to indicate it is in active mode
  • Also works great when unplugged, in passive mode
  • 25 year warranty with Orgo-life®
  • Over 22 different stones inside for extraordinary benefits
  • Vibration wave amplifier X 1000 when in mode
  • Titanium, copper, iron, brass and aluminum metal

Perfect for transforming the taste and energy of all your dishes while eating, in less than 7 minutes

  • Increase your vibratory rate (meditation, yoga, relaxation)
  • Sleep peacefully and deeply
  • Fall asleep faster

Use for well-being

  • To relax a client on a table during their massage
  • Can be used while seated behind his back
  • Place your client’s feet on the table (take off your shoes) during a treatment
  • Allows you to have your emotions in balance and balance
  • Have ideas and a clearer vision
  • Faster recovery from discomfort or conflict
  • Quickly improves your overall mood


Unique and exclusive active technology of ORGO-LIFE®, amplifier and emanations of vibrations,
waves and Chi Prana (Universal Energy)

For a better night’s sleep

  • Increase your vibratory rate (meditation, yoga, relaxation)
  • Sleep peacefully and deeply
  • Fall asleep faster
  • Try passive or active forwarding and see what works best for you
  • Recover your energy faster
  • More energy to accomplish your days
  • Sleep with your tablet under your pillow
    Also place it under the bed in your bedroom facing the emotional center of your body (your navel)

tablette super chef 6 Pouces carrée 9 cristaux UL-3619


  • Weight: approx. 1.2-1.4 kg (2.86 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15.0 x 15.0 X 3.5 cm high (6 x 6 X 2½ inches high)
  • Model: UL-3617
  • Technology: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE with 5G technology & EMF Quantum Equalizer without plugging in passive mode
  • Packaging: 13.0’’ X 13.0’’ dia X 3.0’’ H/ 31.5 cm X 31.5 cm X dia X 4.5 cm H
  • Transformer: Our amplifier generator operates on 110 volts or 220 volts (Europe and others)
  • Quantity in the package : 1 Super Family Booster Geo-Quantum round table (7 Crystals), 1 x transformer, 1 booklet instructions, warranty and conformity certificates
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Barcode: 600291593856

Delivered with instructions in FR/EN and guarantee certificate. Keep your Orfée receipt