8 module garden set



8 module garden set

8-module garden set is created to maximize the growth of your vegetable, fruit and flower plants. These modules will transmute the negative waves and the electromagnetic waves in order to make them better waves and therefore less harmful.

The large Dome contains 8 Himalayan crystals, and several stones including malachite, amethyst, Japanese terahertz stone (exclusive), and more

Small domes contain 4 Himalayan crystals Malachite, Turquoise and more

This set covers a garden approximately 10 feet by 10 feet.

8 module garden set



  • Increases production yield
  • Increases plant size
  • Increases the quantity of flowers, fruits or vegetables obtained, all in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem Increases the nutritional value of the foods obtained
  • Propels the plant in an optimal environment so that it offers more properties specific to each plant (eg carvacrol in the production of oregano is sought after in the culinary arts)
  • Obtaining an ideal vibratory frequency resulting in a perceptible visual dynamism of the plant See your flowers become radiant with life
  • Accentuates the taste quality of each edible vegetable Improves the taste and voluptuousness of your foods making them more desirable.

8module garden set


Place the large Dome in the center of the garden and the 8 modules at the corners and around the perimeter to create a protective field

8 module garden set


  • Model: UL-5030
  • Dimension: Large dome 6 inches in diameter and small modules 2 1/2 diameter
  • Packing: 1 big 8 crystal dome module, 8 small 4 crystal dome module
  • Technology: Passive Quantum Equalizer
  • Color: Amber and a slight bluish 25-year warranty
  • Keep your Orfée receipt

Additional information

Weight 205 kg