5g plus module UL-3405


5g Plus UL-3405 Module (For major cities, with 6 crystals) 2X stronger EMF protection and 5G & 6G, READY FOR ALL MAJOR CITIES WHERE WI-FI and EMF are very abundant. “OUR BEST SELLER”.


5G PLUS module UL-3405


The 5g Plus Module is a Model UL-3405 Generator to counter the effects of 5G and electromagnetic fields (routers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, computers etc…) With Unique Orgo-Life 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer Technology®.

This device will transmute all the energies of the electromagnetic fields in order to make better waves (therefore less harmful).  This model has 6 x Himalayan crystals, with the special Japanese Terahertz stone (exclusive). This unit covers approximately 450 square feet of area.

Negative effects of waves on health

  • Headache
  • insomnia
  • nervous system exhaustion
  • fatigue7
  • cancer
  • difficulty concentrating
  • dizziness

Difference between Orgonite and ORGO-LIFE

Orgonite is unidirectional which means it attracts negative orgone towards it. In addition, for Orgone to be effective (transforming orgone) it must contain major components that are often overlooked by most manufacturers. The fact that it is unidirectional makes it not a good tool to have near humans but rather near computers or outside. Orgo life 5G & EMF Quantum Equalizer is four directional so the orgone will be in the 4 directions. Receive and transmute all very high or very low frequencies, negative orgones, EMF and redistribute a beneficial measurable high frequency in a periphery that depends on each product. This circulation takes place on one side and on the other, so it becomes an essential tool for humans and all living organisms. Compose of a perfect ratio of the 3 metals copper, gold and silver based on the works of the pyramids of Egypt. All of this recreates the pulse of the Earth and projects a field of 15,000 hertz. All our products are designed to reproduce this measurable frequency guaranteed by Universal Life Force Energy which is our quantum physics department.


  • Near a router For WI-FI waves
  • For Bluetooth waves
  • For computers
  • By your bedside table when you sleep
  • In your bag when traveling



  • Restore energy to get through your days and recover more quickly
  • reduces chronic fatigue
  • Place a module in each room (ideal) and near the router
  • sleep peacefully and faster


  • WEIGHT: approximately 300 grams (0.661 lb)
  • DIMENSIONS: 90mm x 57mm 50mm approx.
  • PACKAGE SIZE: 13cm x 9cm x 4cm, 310 grams approx. i.e. 0.675 lbs
  • MODEL: UL-340
  • TECHNOLOGY: Passive with Quantum Equalizer technology for all major cities.
  • Contents: 1 quantum equalizer technology module 5 G & EMF PLUS, 1 instruction booklet, warranty and conformity certificates. With serial number.
  • Color: Amber (semi-transparent only)
  • Warranty: 25 years Barcode #: 600291593924

Module 5g et 5g plus


Delivered with instructions in FR/EN and guarantee certificate. Keep your Orfée invoice for the warranty.